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Aims and Scope
The Asian Journal of Family Therapy® (AJFT) is published under the auspices of the Korean Academy of Family Therapy (KAFT). The AJFT is published in the English language biannually in June and December.

The AJFT is an international and multidisciplinary square where it acts as a bridge for Asian scholars and practitioners to value diverse academic, therapeutic efforts for the well-beings of Asian families.
AJFT is the achievement of decades-long relationship among Asian family therapists who paved the way beyond traditional inequality for a more balanced bidirectional relationship between the Western and Asian family therapy field. With the West influencing Asia, the AJFT ultimately contributes to the synergetic development of family therapy within both cultures. As a rigorous scientific journal, AJFT adopts peer-review processes.
The editorial board is served by respected leading figures in the field from Asia and other regions of the world.
AJFT welcomes not only clinical and applied research on family therapy involving Asian families, but also basic research on family relations of Asian families with implications for family therapy. Asian families residing in any region of the world may be a focus and target of the research.
Moreover, the AJFT features theory and review articles, which might guide and advance future research and practices.

Disclaimer : The Korean Association of Family Therapy (KAFT) and the Editors of the Asian Journal of Family therapy® assume no responsibility for statements and opinions advanced by the authors of its articles.
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